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Mulberry Kitchen Design Blog

Here is a selection of some of our previous jobs, some of our products, and tips in your kitchen.


Mr & Mrs Yardley Kitchen Transformation

Mr & Mrs Yardley moved in to their current home nine years ago and a new kitchen was on the ‘To-Do List’ ever since. The couple had been following Mulberry's progress for a while but after we transformed their next-door neighbour’s kitchen and they got to see our work in the flesh, they contacted us straight away. This blog post details all of the work Mulberry carried out on the Yardley's kitchen from raising the ceiling in order to open up the space to picking the perfect paint, and the all important before and after pictures of the transformation.

Firth Cambuslang-5.png

Out With The Old & In With The New

“Out with the old and in with the new” - this was definitely the case for Mr and Mrs Firth’s kitchen, which hadn’t had any work in over twenty years. The couple from Cambuslang came to Mulberry, after receiving a recommendation from a friend. See their kitchen transformation below.