How to Commission a Completely Bespoke Kitchen

Put Together Your Wish List

One of the most exciting things about designing a bespoke kitchen is that you call the shots. Okay, so you may be limited by space or the shape of your kitchen, but literally anything goes elsewhere. Before you speak to a kitchen designer, have a think about what you would like in your kitchen, including appliances, kitchen units, and any other inspirations you have seen. Perhaps take a photo of a friend’s kitchen or collect pages from home design magazines. If you have a floorplan of your kitchen, this will also help you to see how much architectural space you have available.

Collect Samples

Many DIY, tile and flooring stores, both online and offline, offer free samples of their products. This can be a great way to try before you buy, and see exactly how different colours, textures and patterns will look in your home. Many people grab a large cork board and pin their samples to it so they can see how their kitchen design plans are coming along together.

Visit Showrooms

While you may be planning your kitchen from scratch, there is a lot of inspiration to be had from kitchen showrooms in terms of design, colour and storage ideas. Collect some brochures and make a note of the looks you like the most. Also, take a look at online resources such as Pinterest as these can give you ideas from around the world that otherwise may not be available in UK stores.

Call In The Professionals

No matter what you find online or in a magazine, nothing can compare to the advice and inspiration you’ll get from a professional kitchen designer. At Mulberry Kitchen Design we offer a completely bespoke kitchen design service, and can give you advice on how best to approach your very unique space. From giving you ideas for making the most of your space, to showing you some of the latest units and appliances on the market, our team is here to ensure you are delighted with your new kitchen.