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Classic Collection

Clarendon Dust Grey

Influenced by period furniture, Clarendon is available in a choice of two colours as standard and further painted options. This beautiful range features a distinctly noticeable woodgrain finish, paired with delicate Ovolo beading, to create a kitchen design bursting with character for a unique and sophisticated appearance.

Milbourne Charcoal

This compact kitchen features a practical size island for food preparation and dining, with open shelving further adding to the practicality. The use of a clear glazed feature door and in-cabinet lighting allows you to draw attention to items you want to display

Milbourne Partridge Grey

Melbourne is a classic shaker styled design. A clear glazed feature door and open shelving have been used here, and the neutral but very on trend Partridge Grey allows you to be bolder with your accent paint colours.

Fitzroy Hartforth Blue, Partridge Grey & Slate

Fitzroy is a classic Shaker style kitchen with a smooth painted finish, shown here in a combination of Hartforth Blue, Partridge Grey and Slate. The chunky white quartz maple worktop and 'D' handle give this classic kitchen a more modern take.

Fitzroy Stone & Porcelain

In this kitchen, Fitzroy is presented with a more classic level of detail with the use of framed end panels, corresponding curved corner block and marble effect worktop. Fitzroy is flexible enough to work in other parts of the home

Milbourne Stone

Milbourne in the stone finish captures a blend of both warmth and coolness to combine with your own interior ideas. The kitchen benefits from a mix of granite and timber wokrtops as well as full height storage cabinets and smaller glazed units to show off items you want to be on display.

Milbourne Chalk

Milbourne is our classic shaker door with a chunky frame and a subtle textured finish with wood grain effect. The chalk finish will give a crisp and open feel to any layout you choose and can be mixed with other tones from our palette of 24 painted colours.

Fitzroy Graphite and Dove Grey

The simplicity of Fitzroy’s design, paired with a neutral colour palette, allows you to experiment with bright, bold accents, to bring personality to your dream design. Open shelving and ornate tiling gives this look a classic yet fashionable aesthetic.

Clarendon Hartforth Blue

The decorative detailing of Clarendon lends itself perfectly to the introduction of rustic accessories, such as our bronze cup and knob handles. The addition of an eye-catching glazed dresser unit provides a stunning storage area, whilst adding a point of difference to this beautiful space.

Milbourne Dust & Silver Grey

An intricate island, decorative dresser and accompanying dining table transform this kitchen into a stylish living area, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying a cup of tea on a morning.


Available in a choice of clean black or bronze styles, they work especially well within a handleless context for a seamless, ultra-modern kitchen look. Alternatively, for those wishing to maximise natural light whilst retaining privacy, our fluted, vertical reeded glass design offers just a partial view into the cabinet.

Broadoak Putty & Regiment

Its unfussy style and natural appearance ensures this enduring look never goes out of fashion.

Stanhope Langley

Stanhope boasts a complete made-to-measure collection across four classic door styles. With a varied selection, choose from a simple design such as the ever-popular Shaker kitchen, through to an eye-catching, traditional cathedral arch design.

Belsay Indigo

Available in four neutral hues, two on-trend deep tones and our full painted palette, this simple Shaker features a slightly narrower frame and woodgrain style finish. Shown here in our brooding Indigo shade, paired with our Hoxton Black Industrial Matt Cup Handle and Claremont Black Industrial Matt Knob.

Belsay Olive Green

Olive green introduces earthy simplicity to this Belsay design, creating a beautiful, subtle statement that will work well in any setting.

Fitzroy Partridge Grey

Fitzroy's clean design lends itself to a more neautral colour palette, shown here with classic Chrome handles to create a sophisticated heritage feel.

Hunton Hartforth Blue & Porcelain

Acting as a striking centerpiece, this Hunton island has been designed to emulate the look of free-standing furniture; a nod to heritage design whilst remaining sleek and practical. This kitchen is perfect for entertaining friends, dining with family or simply enjoying a cup of tea on a Sunday morning.

Hunton Dove Grey

With a narrow surround and a smooth painted finish, this sophisticated range, shown here in a welcoming Dove Grey, is equally at home in any modern or traditional kitchen.

Hamble Natural Oak

Hamble is testimony to creativity and skilled craftsmanship;considered design features focus attention on the natural characteristics and beauty of the solid timber framing. End grain wood is inlaid into drawer fronts and feature corner pegs on doors, giving Hamble an earthy charm. The solid oak timber, with it's slow sheen, waxed finish, gives added organic appeal to Hamble.

Lansdowne Washed Oak

The delicate Washed Oak finish is beautifully fresh and contemporary, the pale hue subtly reveals the dramatic figuring of the solid oak framing. Inspired accessories and the availability of special sized doors provide exciting design opportunities.


Lovers of timber, with all its superb individuality and undeniable quality will adore Erin. The Erin design combines a chunky wide frame with character oak, cleverly maximising the beauty of unaltered timber. Create unusual features within your kitchen, made possible with our Tailored To Fit service which allows us to specify bespoke sized doors and drawers. Pierced motif feature doors are just one of the host of interesting design options that compliment the Erin range, allowing you to create a kitchen of great charm and appeal.

Kinsale Natural Oak

Quality materials and time honoured craftsmanship are apparent upon viewing Kinsale. Setting it apart in kitchen design. Made entirely from solid oak timber, Kinsale is for the style savvy homeowners who recognise that classic designed endure the test of time. An excellent choice of accessories, as well as the ability to order non-standard door sizes within our tailored To fit service ensure the very best design options are available to you.


Milton brings a classic in-frame style up-to-date, so it's easy to adapt for a variety of settings. A chunky granite worktop and slender bar handles create a contemporary feel, while solid pewter knobs give a nod to the past. Milton offers a wide range of storage features, from curved wall units, to deep drawers and spice drawers.

Milbourne Porcelain

The beautiful simplicity of Milbourne provides the perfect base with which to experiment with accessories and furniture, including an eye-catching island, stunning timber worktops, bespoke shelving and modern appliance housing.


Milton brings a classic in-frame style up-to-date, so it's easy to adapt for a variety of settings. A chunky granite worktop and slender bar handles create a contemporary feel, while solid pewter knobs give a nod to the past. Milton offers a wide range of storage features, from curved wall units, to deep drawers and spice drawers.

Lansdowne Natural Oak

Lansdowne presents an irresistible combination of modern design with the dramatic beauty of natural oak graining.The Lansdowne range offers the very latest in luxurious design, with a selection of curved features doors and accessories. Beautifully designed accessories that are crafted to the highest standards of quality compliment the range and will give your kitchen character and enduring appeal.As well as a host of design treasures, tailored sizing ensures the very best design options are available when planning your Lansdowne kitchen


Lyndons knotty oak timber says country living in an instant. The shaker door's wide rails and pewter handles add to the cosy feel of this rustic kitchen. A full-height butlers pantry is the type of design feature that will turn your kitchen plan into something exceptional.

Lansdowne Natural Maple

No other timber can hold a candle to the magnificence of North American "rock maple". Sumptuously wide frames and a plethora of stylish features make the lansdowne kitchen an unashamedly bold statement.

Milbourne Oak

This Milbourne Oak kitchen combines a straight run of cabinets as well as curved features, including a striking peninsula.

Tetbury Natural Oak

Tetbury Natural Oak represents quality and timeless, high-end styling. Highly desirable natural oak graining is combined with refined design to create the epitome of classical elegance. The intricate beading detail of the door style gives Tetbury a distinct appearance, whilst retaining its glorious elegance.

Broadoak Natural & Alabaster

Broadoak’s natural timber finish is versatile to work around a broad spectrum of interior colour schemes. Curved doors on the peninsular soften the overall look.

Pentworth Natural Oak

A luxurious design, Pentworth combines wonderfully crafted cabinetry with the organic beauty of a natural oak finish. The delightful elegance of the pentworth door style is complimented with delicate wood grain patterning and tone variation, providing a unique sense of character to a kitchen.

Belsay Dove Grey & Graphite

Belsay's simple Shaker door features a slightly narrower frame and woodgrain style finish. Here, the neutral tones of Dove Grey complement darkern dramatic graphite tones.

Kemble Natural Oak

Effortlessy stylish, the beautiful Kemble Natural Oak graining is seen to it's best effect in the grooved centre panel and angled frame design. Coupled with a host of inspiring accessories, the overall effect makes for an elegant yet homely range.