Kitchen Gadgets

Inspiring Spiralisers

Just when you thought you knew how to prepare vegetables in every which way, along comes a technique you’d never thought of let alone tried! Spiralising food was a big hit in 2017, and even the supermarkets caught on with ready prepared spiralised vegetables. The smartest spiralisers are the ones that do everything at the touch of a button - you’ll be thankful for this the next time you take on a butternut squash, that’s for sure! Look out for spiralisers that offer a range of functions such as peeling and shredding to get the best return on your investment.

The Airfryer

We all know that eating too much saturated fat can be bad for us, but fried foods do taste good. What if there was a way you could cook with less fat while keeping that great taste? There are now a number of airfrying gadgets on the marketplace that allow you to do just that. As their name suggests they rely on more hot air and less oil to do their job, and the results are amazing. Most models on the market can handle an assortment of foods including chips, vegetables, fried chicken, and even have a bake and grill setting.

Digital Spoons

Jam-makers and gravy-stirrers rejoice! There are now spoons that can tell you exactly what temperature the liquid that you are stirring has reached. This is particularly useful when you are making preserves and chocolate confections that require the liquid to be a certain temperature before the next stage in adding ingredients or cooking can take place.

Cook From Anywhere

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set a meal to cook and keep an eye on it without being there? Cookers like the Tefal Cook4Me Connect allows you to do just that. It comes complete with app connectivity, allowing you to see how your dinner is doing while you are out. With brown, simmer, pressure cook, steam and reheat functions, this little cooker is sure to be a big hit for busy people who want to come home to a good meal.

Boiling Water On Demand

A watched kettle takes longer to boil, as they say. With a tap that delivers boiling water at the touch of a button, the waiting is most certainly over. There are a number of hot water taps on the market, with many offering smartphone interaction. They are great for preparing many cups of tea on the fly, cooking pasta faster and a wide range of domestic uses.

Give Your Gadgets A Wonderful New Home

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