The best kitchen worktops for your needs

The best kitchen worktops for your needs


There’s more to worktops than a simple kitchen surface. How you use your kitchen will dictate the kind of surface that will work best for your needs. As well as this, budget, colour and texture all play a big part when deciding what kind of kitchen worktop you should choose.


We’ve outlined some of the most popular kitchen surfaces and their features below to help you decide.



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Granite worktops are one of the most popular worktop surfaces thanks to their strength and durability. It is preferred amongst cooks and bakers as its cold stone surface is ideal for making pastry.

However, as it is a natural stone, granite also requires a lot of care. It can be scratched easily and can be easily stained as well, so you need to treat it carefully. As well as this, the natural stone means that no two slabs will look exactly the same.




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Marble worktops are one of the most expensive worktops available. Luxurious and elegant, a highly polished marble surface is a beautiful choice of natural stone for those with the cash to spare. However, marble also needs special care, so if you really want this stone you must be willing to treat it carefully.




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Quartz worktops are manmade alternatives to granite. As a result, they can offer the look of granite without the need to worry about scratches and stains. As well as this, the look of your worktop can be more uniform as it is manmade.

With a huge choice of colours and built-in antibacterial protection in many cases, quartz is a very popular choice.




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Another manmade material, corian worktops are solid surface materials that can be shaped into flowing worktops with invisible joins – perfect for strangely shaped kitchens or for those looking for the seamless look of a single piece.

These are a great choice for anyone worried about cleanliness and small children, as the lack of gaps and spaces makes these surfaces really hygienic.




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Finally, natural wood is a popular choice for those seeking the warmth and classic look and style of a rustic wooden kitchen.

It’s easy to find wooden countertops to match the wood of your kitchen units for a seamless design. So whether you are looking for oak, maple, beech or another type of wood, you can get the look you want.

As a natural material, each piece will vary in colour and grain, similar to other natural materials such as granite. As well as this, wood will also require regular maintenance and oiling to keep it looking good.


No matter what work surface you choose, remember that its vital to always use a professional fitter to avoid ending up with a badly designed, badly cut or poorly installed worktop.