Kitchen Pendant Light Trends For 2017

Golds and Greens

This year’s interior news has been very much about rich dark greens, striking purples and opulent gold. You may have also noticed shops and interior websites focusing on fun ideas such as flamingos, palm trees and pineapples. Gold also lends itself perfectly to the kitchen and is a warmer alternative to chrome. From large and shiny lampshades to lightbulbs caged in gold wire, there are many golden opportunities to choose from.

The Industrial Revolution

Loft living has long been a design trend, and is perfect for open plan spaces where you want to make the most of the space without compromising on style. There are many options when it comes to lighting up a loft-style space, but industrial lighting is one of the most popular choices. Neutral metal and ceramic light fittings in singular format or trios look great hung over a dining table.

Classy Glass

Glass pendant lights have also featured heavily in interior design this year. Think huge glass globe lighting or strings of smaller glass pendants hanging down. Coloured glass in smoky greys and pastel shades is another design trend that seems to repeat itself year on year. Glass is also very easy to clean and will stay looking its best for many years to come.

Wooden You Know It

Wooden pendants look great in any room with a natural setting or that lets the light flood in through skylights or bifold doors. Team up with lots of plants and foliage and complementary wooden furniture and picture frames. We particularly like the bare, untreated woods that give an almost Scandinavian feel.

Choosing The Right Style

With so many pendant light trends available this year, it can be difficult to make the right choice. As well as kitchen design, we can help you with the smaller details that will put the finishing touches to your new kitchen.