Kitchen Gifts

When a man gives his wife a tea towel as a Christmas present, it is possibly one of the most uninspiring gifts and lacking in any romance. However, for someone who loves cooking or baking, enjoys the time they spend in their kitchen and considers themselves to be a foodie, a useful kitchen item can be an amazing gift to receive. If you know someone who would really appreciate something for their kitchen this year, then here are some ideas to give you inspiration.


Ice cream maker:

A delightful dessert on its soon or the perfect accompaniment for many puddings, ice cream is a popular choice on a dinner party menu. For those who entertain regularly, or who have children to keep happy throughout the year, an ice cream maker could be the perfect choice.


Subscription to a food magazine:

Would you like to give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year? Buying a loved one an annual subscription for their favourite food magazine is something that will give them pleasure for the rest of the year.


Flavoured oils:

The use of flavoured oils in cooking has increased in popularity. An experimental cook will love a gift like this. Opt for attractive looking bottles so that the recipient can have them out on display on their kitchen work surfaces. If you are also talented in the kitchen, this is a gift you can make yourself.


Pasta makers:
In busy households, pasta is a popular dish. Quick and simple to make with lots of variations to suit personal tastes, a pasta dish will appear on most dinner tables on a regular basis. However, fresh pasta tastes so much better than dried varieties. A pasta maker is a fantastic kitchen gadget that allows the aspiring cook to create different varieties of pasta to serve to the family.


Salad bowl and servers:
For the health conscious, a salad is the perfect side dish to serve with a meal. It is also commonly found on a buffet table. A smart salad bowl and matching servers are a practical gift that will delight the recipient. If you have visited their house, try to buy that suit the style of their kitchen and crockery. If they have wooden units, then a wooden bowl and servers are perfect. If they have a contemporary gloss finish kitchen, then a ceramic bowl in matching colour is a better choice.


Spice hamper:
A cook who enjoys experimenting with new ingredients to create exciting flavours will be thrilled to receive a spice hamper. This is a gift that you can make yourself. Choose an attractive hamper that can be used for another purpose once the spices have been used. Collect different spices while you are out shopping and fill the hamper with you wares.


Celebrity chef cookbook:

If your friend or family member has a favourite celebrity chef and watches all their television programmes, they may love their latest recipe book. They can then recreate their favourite recipes when feeding the family or entertaining guests.


The options for useful kitchen gifts for loved ones are endless and you may need to rely on your knowledge of the individual to select the perfect gift. Be sure that it is something they will actually use and not be something taking up shelf space and gathering up dust in their kitchen.