Christmas Kitchens

Decorating your home is a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit and creating a wonderful Yuletide atmosphere in your home. While many people prefer to keep the festive décor to just the main living area, others enjoy spreading the theme throughout their homes. If the kitchen is a room where everyone gathers in your home and you are likely to be entertaining people over the holiday period, then it is worth decorating the kitchen to give it a festive feel.


Having a Christmas tree in your kitchen, if you have space, can create a fantastic focal point. You can decorate the tree to match the décor in your kitchen.  An artificial tree is better in the kitchen than a natural one for three reasons. The first is that a real tree may have insects living on the branches and you will not want these near your cooking area. Secondly, most varieties shed their needles and these can contaminate food. Finally, a real tree is a greater fire risk. But regardless of the type of tree you choose, don't position it near open flames, such as a gas cooker.


Christmas decorations are another fun way to make your kitchen festive. Choose a colour scheme that complements the style and colour of your kitchen units and décor. Think about practicalities when choosing where to put your decorations. Make sure they won't get in the way of you functioning in the kitchen. Also, don't put any decorations near hot surfaces. Be particularly careful not to leave tinsel hanging precariously where it might be a hazard.


If you have a kitchen diner, then you should have a centrepiece on your dining table that fits with the theme. A centrepiece is an interesting focal point that can also be used when entertaining guests. This can be candles, a dried or fresh flower arrangement, the nativity scene or a wreath are just a few of the ideas you could use. Table runners can also act as an interesting feature.


Creating a Christmas theme is about much more than a tree and decorations. Stimulating the senses can make a larger contribution to the atmosphere in a room. Playing Christmas music in the background will get everyone into the spirit of the season. Similarly, aromas can stimulate memories of happy Christmases from the past. The smell of mince pies baking is wonderful, but unless you are planning on baking every day of the holidays you may need a little help in creating amazing aromas. Try scented candles with pine or cinnamon as these are two scents commonly associated with this time of the year.


So, don't limit yourself to just decorating your main living area this Christmas. Spread the fun and festivities through to other areas of you home, including the kitchen. After all, this is where so much of the Yuletide action and entertaining will take place. Make the Christmas preparations a family activity and get everyone involved in preparing your kitchen for any guests you may have over the holiday season.